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Innovation, research, and development

Dara Tech Center

Let's research, develop
and learn together

Dara Pharma’s long history in machinery manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry, has allowed us to create a team of cross-functional specialized experts and put their knowledge and experience at the disposal of our clients to help them optimize and improve their productive capacity.

The services offered by the Dara Tech Center are the following:


  • Development of new mechanisms (machines, modules, stations ...).
  • Design and construction of prototypes.
  • Development of software and new electronic cams.
  • Fatigue tests of new mechanical elements.
  • Testing, identification, and definition of the functional limits of each equipment or technology.
  • Verification of the laminarity of the air flow on new equipment.


  • Definition of dosing mechanical and electronic configurations.
  • Dosing accuracy and speed tests for both liquid and powder products.
  • Screw cap verification tests: application and removal torque monitoring, quality, etc.
  • Closing tests: tightness, crimp quality.
  • Performance tests for new formats.
  • Vials performance analysis during transport with pressure changes, LAF, considering different materials, etc.
  • Liquid performance analysis during transport.
  • Customer training.