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Dara Pharma is a synonym for trust and reliability. Our pursuit of excellence and customer-oriented service complement our high-quality equipment and high level of commitment.

Dara Pharma offers, from the very beginning, a wide and flexible range of products and services designed to provide you with optimal support and ensure the machine’s performance at its full capacity.

Following the “Flexibility in motion” concept, Dara Pharma’s range of service 4.0 takes advantage of cutting-edge technological advances, such as augmented reality or predictive maintenance, to provide the best technical support in terms of quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and response time.

Our technicians are available 24/7 to assist and solve any technical problems remotely worldwide.

Dara Pharma’s service excellence is achieved thanks to a cross-functional team of more than 15 nationalities and personalized customer attention managers.

This team is represented in more than 80 countries and receives continuous support from local offices and sales representatives.



Advanced training





Predictive maintenance - IoT


Remote technical support 24/7

Mechatronic staff availability 24/48h

Augmented reality

Customer Service Hotline 24/7

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Spare parts

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Customer Service

Our goal is that our clients get the best possible results.

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Customer Service Agent

Each customer is assigned a Customer Service Agent, whose duties include assisting customers throughout the lifecycle of the machine, analyzing problems and offering solutions, providing technical support, and monitoring projects and warranties.

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24/7 support

Always connected. Our experts are always available and can solve any technical problem remotely. We have all the necessary technological means to assist you.

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Remote support

Our technicians are available 24/7 to remotely assist and solve any technical problem worldwide.

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Field service technicians

The intervention of field technicians is also available to solve more serious incidents, for maintenance issues, machine modifications, new formats, etc.


Always connected

Our range of services involves all Dara Pharma departments to provide you with the best technical support in terms of quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and response time.

Rely on our experts, their experience and commitment, so that you can fully focus on your processes, improving efficiency, cost, and time management.

Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging

Spare parts

Our comprehensive stock of spare parts ensures immediate availability for every stage of the lifecycle of your equipment.

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We offer technical solutions and upgrades to comply with the current standards.

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Thanks to preventive and predictive maintenance plans, you'll enjoy all the confidence and calm of owning Dara Pharma's equipment.

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Our experts can solve any technical problems remotely.

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