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WM Vial

Linear washing units for vials and bottles

Multiformat machines / Quick format changeover / Output up to 36,000 uph

Model WM-10 WM-20 WM-30 WM-40 WM-60
Output max. 7,200 uph 12,000 uph  18,000 uph 24,000 uph 36,000 uph
Containers sizes Ø 78 mm Ø 52 mm Ø 42 mm Ø 26 mm Ø 26 mm

Optional equipment

  • Pre-washing cycle with ultrasound bath.
  • Steam sterilization of pipes.
  • Drying-in-place of pipes.
  • Siliconizing cycle.
  • Automatic rejection of defective containers and ex-traction for sampling.
  • SCADA software to process data acquisition in accor-dance with FDA 21CFR Part 11.
  • IQ / OQ validation package.

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