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High speed filling and closing machines for lyophilized vials

Dosing control of 100% of vials / Filling from 0.1 ÷ 250 ml. / Output up to 24,000 uph.

Model HSL-Lyo/4 HSL-Lyo/6 HSL-Lyo/8 HSL-Lyo/12
Output max. 12,000 uph 18,000 uph 24,000 uph 36,000 uph
Containers sizes Ø 52 - h 110 mm max.

Optional equipment

  • Dosing control of 100% of processed vials.
  • Vacuum-assisted insertion of stoppers to reduce the presence of oxygen in headspace.
  • Process data acquisition software in accordance with FDA 21CFR Part 11.
  • Gas flushing before, during or after the filling process.
  • Dosing system for CIP / SIP conditions.
  • Automatic rejection of defective vials.
  • Monitoring and particle counting.
  • Vial output onto a double tray.
  • Laminar flow / RABS / Isolator.
  • IQ / OQ validation package.

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