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Aseptic Closing Machines


Dara Pharma offers a range of closing machines for the pharmaceutical industry with modular solutions for continuous and automatic closing of vials, bottles, cartridges and syringes in glass or plastic, using all types of aluminum closures, such as aluminum capsules, flip-offs, spray pumps, screw caps, closures for ophthalmic and nasal products, syringe assembly and Pen Devices.

In pharmaceutical packaging process, closure is the operation that guarantees the future sealing of the container. Given its importance, Dara Pharma's closing machines control and measure the multiple parameters usually required in this process, such as closing torques, crimp pressures, closing heights, or any visual monitoring that guarantees that the products are processed as required.

Rejection systems are also integrated at this stage of the process to ensure that any product from this point forward is 100% compliant with the established requirements.

Format range

Double chamber syringes
Vials, syringes and cartridges in nest
IV Bags
Other formats UDS/BDS, pens, devices...


Injectable liquids
Injectable powders
Freeze-dried products
Eye drops / nasal sprays
Syrups / topical drugs
Diagnostics reagents

Process steps

Handling systems
LAF / RABS / Isolators
Labeling / Coding
Syringe and pen device assembling
Freeze drying
Loading / unloading systems to freeze dryer
Complete lines

Output range

Laboratory / small batch production
Medium batch production
Large batch production

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