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Pen Devices and Syringe Assembly Machine

Syringe Manufacturing and Assembly Systems

Single-use syringes have become a pharmaceutical application format that provides safety, hygiene, and dosing accuracy for medical injections.

Thus, beyond their correct filling and closing, it is necessary to equip and assemble these syringes with the elements that the end user will need for the correct administration of the dose, and for their own safety

Our ASL (Assembly Syringe Line) machines for the assembly and labeling of glass and plastic syringes include all the technologies required for plunger shaft positioning, syringe body labeling, backstop assembly system, insertion of safety devices and, if necessary, labeling of safety devices. These pieces of Pen Devices and Syringe Assembly Machine equipment have been designed to operate in clean rooms, complying with cGMP and US FDA standards, in special compliance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dara Pharma also provides customized manipulation and assembly of other devices that are commonly used in the pharmaceutical sector, such as Pen Devices, inhalers, reagent tests... 

Format range

Double chamber syringes
Vials, syringes and cartridges in nest
IV Bags
Other formats UDS/BDS, pens, devices...


Injectable liquids
Injectable powders
Freeze-dried products
Eye drops / nasal sprays
Syrups / topical drugs
Diagnostics reagents

Process steps

Handling systems
LAF / RABS / Isolators
Labeling / Coding
Syringe and pen device assembling
Freeze drying
Loading / unloading systems to freeze dryer
Complete lines

Output range

Laboratory / small batch production
Medium batch production
Large batch production

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