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Complete Lines in Pharmaceutical Production

Complete Lines

The continuous evolution and development of new drugs, as well as their dispensation forms, have pushed the pharmaceutical industry to invest in complex but reliable production lines whose main purpose is adapting them to their specific needs.

Specialization has led pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers to develop and manufacture complex and customized equipment, and its integration into complete lines has become increasingly sophisticated.

Therefore, Dara Pharma includes each of the essential pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment in its portfolio, offering the customer not only the machines needed for each process, but also providing integration and validation services for the complete lines

Dara Pharma also sets up a monitoring system for the entire line, so that all equipment operates under the same software and data acquisition system. 

Customization of the control and software architecture, and its adaptation to MES systems, "Think Client" or remote control platforms, are options offered for a more efficient use of the equipment. 

In the context of a Pharmaceutical Industry 4.0, our lines incorporate supervision and connection systems that allow complete management, facilitating remote assistance to predict corrective or maintenance actions adapted to the production phases of each customer. 

Format range

Double chamber syringes
Vials, syringes and cartridges in nest
IV Bags
Other formats UDS/BDS, pens, devices...


Injectable liquids
Injectable powders
Freeze-dried products
Eye drops / nasal sprays
Syrups / topical drugs
Diagnostics reagents

Process steps

Handling systems
LAF / RABS / Isolators
Labeling / Coding
Syringe and pen device assembling
Freeze drying
Loading / unloading systems to freeze dryer
Complete lines

Output range

Laboratory / small batch production
Medium batch production
Large batch production

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