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Dara Pharma Statement on COVID-19

New Statement on COVID-19

16 de April de 2020

We continue following up on the COVID-19 situation in Spain and the way it is managed in Dara Pharma.

We are pleased to inform you that the latest data published by the Government of Spain suggest that we have already passed the peak of the epidemic curve and the COVID-19 pandemic is in its decreasing phase. The restrictions on movement and non-essential businesses are being gradually lifted in order to go back to normality as soon as possible.

At Dara Pharma, from the first moment, adequate measures were taken to protect our workers and their families, and ensure that the company's activity is not affected by this crisis.

As a result, the development of all current projects continues in compliance with the established planning, as well as the new projects are attended on a regular basis. In addition, we remind you that the after-sales customer services by phone 24/7, email and remote connections are fully operational.

We take this opportunity to send a message of solidarity and hope, convinced that together we can definitely overcome this.

Dara Pharma Statement on COVID-19