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Dara Pharma compromiso

DARA Pharma organizes its first food collection campaign

23 de December de 2020

DARA Pharma, Pharmaceutical Equipment Company, willing to contribute to the improvement of society's living conditions, has organized its first internal food collection campaign for the El Xiprer and Cáritas foundations. This initiative arose for two main reasons: the deterioration of the economy and social welfare, as a direct consequence of the pandemic, and the uncertainty regarding the positive results of the Great Recapte d'Aliments 2020 (annual food collection campaign), since this year the physical donation of food had to be modified into economic donation.

The company, in turn, had pledged to triple all the collected food to help a larger number of vulnerable families. DARA workers actively collaborated in the campaign, bringing the items requested by the foundations such as milk, oil, baby food, as well as Christmas sweets. Thanks to the solidarity of the entire DARA Pharma team, more than 2000 kilos of food were collected: around 1000 liters of milk, 300 liters of olive oil, 800 jars of baby food, etc.

We consider that the campaign has been successful and hope we contributed to providing the needed food support. According to the Food Bank, the demand for food has grown in the last year and is expected to continue growing in 2021, so from DARA Pharma, we promise to reinforce our charity and solidarity actions.


Dara Pharma compromiso
Dara Pharma compromiso