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MODULINE isolators

DARA PHARMA will develop MODULINE isolators under the agreement with GETINGE - LACALHENE

07 de September de 2021

 MODULINE isolators

In 2014, DARA and GETINGE - LACALHENE reached an agreement to develop and manufacture a modular, flexible, and standardized concept of aseptic filling lines in isolator. That is when Moduline product range was born. 

After having defined, developed, and manufactured several Moduline Isolators, and achieved a product that was validated by the pharmaceutical industry, both companies have moved further in their alliance. GETINGE - LACALHENE has transferred DARA the required technological know-how to produce and assemble these isolators that will now be done at DARA's production plant in Barcelona. The objective of this agreement is to optimize costs and, especially, reduce the delivery time of the fully integrated lines. 

The design of the moduline isolators and VHP bio-decontamination cycles, were carried by this Swedish-French company at their facilities Vendôme (France). The same staff who supervised these procedures will also oversee validating and adapting the equipment and the cycles of bio-decontamination to each project specifications. 

Within this new frame of cooperation, the supply, production, and assembly of the isolators will be in DARA's hands. Thus, and following the quality standards required by the industry, we will guarantee its perfect adaptation and integration in the filling lines that DARA has been providing for 25 years now.  

MODULINE isolators, a cutting-edge technology product, predesigned and prevalidated, allows us to reduce the delivery time for aseptic filling lines in isolator to a period that goes from 8 to 12 months. Therefore, DARA can deliver these integrated solutions in half the time compared to its competitors, being able to integrate and manufacture the fully integrated lines as well. 

MODULINE isolators