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Dara Pharmaceutical Equipment at Pharmtech & Ingredients

Pharmtech Moscow proves the Russian pharma market investment boom

29 de November de 2021

Pharmtech & Ingredients trade show, held in Moscow last week, gathered more than 300 exhibitors from 25 countries showing their technological novelties.

The event confirmed a growing trend in the pharmaceutical industry that pushes companies to increase their investment in high performance production lines.

Along with Solidpharma, our representative in the Russian market, Dara Pharma took advantage of this spreading interest in aseptic filling solutions and exhibited a high-speed filling and closing machine for vials, model HSL-PP/4.

This equipment, developed for vaccine production applications among others, was one of the most attractive aseptic filling solutions, offering multiple technological advantages such as an output of 12,000 uph. Although, the HSL-PP range can reach a performance of 36,000 uph.

Nowadays, when pharmaceutical companies require short delivery time, Dara Pharmaceutical Equipment demonstrated that it can successfully comply with tough time limits, being able to supply machines such as HSL-PP/4 in 6 months.

Dara Pharmaceutical Equipment would also like to congratulate the organization team of Pharmtech Moscow who managed to guarantee the assistants’ and exhibitors’ security at every moment by continuously carrying out health controls during the show.

Dara Pharmaceutical Equipment at Pharmtech & Ingredients

Dara Pharmaceutical Equipment at Pharmtech & Ingredients