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pharmaceutical packaging machinery

Dara Pharma, a story of success and innovation

21 de February de 2022

Dara Pharma celebrates its 25th anniversary as a leading company in the pharmaceutical packaging machinery sector.

In 1996, in a small plant in La Garriga (Barcelona), the foundations were laid for what would become a story full of success, innovation, quality, and excellence. Dara Pharma thus began its journey in the aseptic filling sector, with the vocation of offering the market groundbreaking technological solutions that would provide a differential value to what existed in the pharmaceutical industry. 

After more than 25 years of making our way among the top companies in the industry, we can say proudly that Dara has become a reference manufacturer in the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry, thanks to its constant evolution and innovation, and its extraordinary dedication to meet the needs of its growing number of customers. The different milestones and innovative developments that we have achieved during our short but successful trajectory, together with the exemplary leadership, the professional involvement of our team, and the constant investment in R&D so we're able to offer cutting-edge technology, have made Dara one of the leading companies in the aseptic filling sector. 

From the manufacturing of our first tabletop equipment for the conditioning of blood products to the development of complete lines for washing, sterilizing, filling, closing and freeze-drying of multiple formats, Dara Pharma has always been synonymous with the highest quality and guarantee in the sector.

Our specialization in the aseptic filling market has allowed us to develop pharma machinery solutions for the processing of vials, bottles, syringes, cartridges, and IV Bags, for the conditioning of liquid, semi-solid products, and powders in sterile conditions. Today, hundreds of companies rely on Dara's know-how to fill their products with our equipment and complete lines. Whether for dosing injectable liquids and powders, freeze-dried products, eye drops and nasal sprays, syrups and topical drugs, or diagnostics reagents, at Dara we design, adapt and manufacture technological solutions that meet the most specific production needs of our customers. Following our "Flexibility in Motion" philosophy, we have been able to supply complete lines to big laboratories that have required the most advanced technology for such important applications as, for example, the recent production of COVID vaccine vials, delivering these solutions to customers in record time.

We must remember, though, that Dara owes its huge success, first, to its customers, who relied on our quality and flexibility, also to its agents and given sales opportunities, as well as to its strategic partners and their cutting-edge technologies as part of our state-of-the-art solutions. But, above all, to the unmeasurable commitment of its team that forms a big and solid family.

From now on, Dara starts a new chapter of international expansion thanks to the integration of freeze dryers (Coolvacuum) and isolators to our filling lines, and we would like you, our customers, agents or partners, to continue being part of our future, just as you have been so far. We have exciting news in the pipeline that we will release soon, so keep an eye on our communication channels—either website or social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), to be up to date with our news.

The future of Dara is already here, join us in this new adventure!


pharmaceutical packaging machinery