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packaging of pharmaceutical products

Students of the Professional Campus Teknós visit Dara Pharma

20 de February de 2022

On February 18, the students of the Higher-Level Training Cycle in Marketing and Advertising, one of the many degrees taught at the Professional Campus Teknós of the University of Vic, came to visit Dara Pharma's headquarters. 

In the visit, students discovered the day-to-day activity here in the headquarters of our pharmaceutical packaging company, and how our machines and complete lines for pharmaceutical and biotech industries are designed and manufactured. In addition, they could get a closer look at our filling and freeze-drying aseptic machines in both Dara 1 and Dara 2 (Coolvacuum) buildings.  

Furthermore, they learned about the communication actions that Dara’s Marketing and Human Resources departments are carrying out at this moment, as it was a topic of interest for the students due to the subject of their course.  

Thanks to the knowledge acquired during this visit, which was part of their module Public Relations, Protocol and Organization of Marketing Events, the students were required to present a project for a protocol focused on the organization of institutional events

The students appreciated the opportunity of visiting our facilities and getting to know our company from the inside. "I found Dara's infrastructure very interesting, with very well-maintained facilities, well signposted, and with a very high level of cleanliness", commented one of the students. Another student pointed out that it was "a very professional presentation, as we got to know the history of Dara from its beginnings to the present day, and how they manufacture all the filling equipment for different formats, such as vials, syringes, and cartridges, as well as the importance of having a good command of the English language for applying for any job nowadays".

packaging of pharmaceutical products