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production of vaccines in RTU & Bulk

A closer look at our “all in one” line for vaccine production

27 de May de 2022

Following our vocation for innovation and quality, Dara Pharma is proud to present a new space on our website dedicated exclusively to our multiformat line for the production of vaccines in RTU & Bulk.

Through our new landing page, the customer will be able to discover in full detail all the features and advantages of this "all-in-one" solution. This new space presents all the line’s processes step by step in a much more visual and attractive way.

The continuous evolution and development of new inactivated, attenuated, or viral vector-based vaccines, as well as their dispensing methods, make essential the adaptation to a versatile aseptic packaging system. Dara Pharma has evolved in this direction, integrating complete lines, Turn-Key Solutions, which make the vaccine packaging process more profitable.

Therefore, Dara Pharma has developed this complete line for processing different types of packages, vials, cartridges, and syringes, either in bulk or in nest, with quick and easy format changeovers, to make the vaccine packaging process more cost-effective for the customer.

Dara Pharma has integrated into this solution its state-of-the-art filling machines that have revolutionized the aseptic packaging machinery sector thanks to their versatility and flexibility to process liquid, semi-solid, and powder products in the same equipment.

This line’s closing machines control and measure the parameters required in this process, such as torque, crimp pressure, closing height, and any visual control – guaranteeing that the products are closed satisfactorily.

In addition, Dara Pharma integrates into the lines Coolvacuum’s freeze dryers and the automatic loading systems that connect these machines with the complete line. The freeze-drying process allows to extend the shelf life of the product while maintaining its qualitative properties.

By designing, manufacturing, and adjusting the transfer system for the correct integration of all the machines, Dara Pharma acts as a unique supplier of the line. Furthermore, our company configures a control system for all the line’s equipment to operate under the same software and data acquisition system.

That simplifies the process of installation and commissioning of the line at the customer’s plant, while our complete maintenance plan for the entire line ensures that all machines will operate optimally and efficiently in the long term.

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production of vaccines in RTU & Bulk