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Dara Pharma adquiere el 100% de la empresa de liofilizadores Coolvacuum

Dara Pharma acquired 100% of Coolvacuum, a freeze drying company

04 de June de 2024

Last May, Dara Pharma accomplished the acquisition of 100% of Coolvacuum, an expert company in industrial freeze-drying equipment, by purchasing the outstanding 49% of shares. 

This operation follows the strategic plan that started in 2020 and was aimed to gradually acquire the entire organizational structure of Coolvacuum, including human resources and its know-how. 

Dara Pharma first purchased 51% of Coolvacuum in May 2020, a milestone that allowed to provide complete filling solutions integrating filling, freeze-drying, and closing in isolators. Consequently, Dara Pharma became a global benchmark thanks to the human team that makes up the DARA Group, with more than 500 employees.

During the last four years, Coolvacuum has been relocated to the Dara Pharma facilities in Granollers (Barcelona), the manpower has been increased, and all the necessary investments in the infrastructure have been made to guarantee the future growth plan.

Dara Pharma, therefore, is one of the very few international manufacturers of complete production lines for freeze-dried products, as compared to the main competitors that require integrating third-party equipment.

Dara Pharma adquiere el 100% de la empresa de liofilizadores Coolvacuum