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Dara at Cophex 2018

Dara at Interphex and Cophex

21 de April de 2018

Dara Pharma participated in two international trade shows in April. One of them was Interphex, held in Javits Convention Center in New York, from April 17 to 19. Here, we shared a booth with NJM Packaging, Dara’s exclusive agent for the United States and Canada, introducing a filling and closing machine for injectable vials and RayDyLyo caps, model SX-310-RDL. RayDyLyo caps are a combination of plastic cap and pre-assembled rubber stopper, all in one, for ISO 8362-1 vials and ISO 8362-2 rubber stoppers. With this concept, the crimping step for liquid and freeze-dried forms is eliminated.

Interphex is an annual world fair that includes the latest technologies, trainings, products and services resources for the progress and development of the life sciences sector. Based in New York, Interphex brings together more than 11,000 professionals from the global industry and more than 650 leading suppliers.


The other trade show Dara was present at, was Cophex, held in Seoul from April 17 to 20. During this fair we showed a filling and closing equipment for single-use vials in Nest, model NFL/2. The vials are supplied RTU (ready-to-use), already sterile and ready to be processed, therefore, no washing, sterilization, or special transportation is required. The design has been made for use in sterile areas, in compliance with cGMP and US FDA regulations, and in special accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Cophex is one of the largest fairs of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry in Korea. It takes place annually and is carried out jointly with other fairs of the related industries to take advantage of synergy effects.

Dara at Cophex 2018