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Moduline™, compact, modular and standard isolator

Moduline™. Compact, modular and standard isolator

04 de June de 2015

GETINGE Group + DARA Pharma: Two specialists. One solution.

GETINGE Group and DARA Pharma, leaders in equipment manufacturing for the bio-pharmaceutical industry, have reached an agreement on the manufacturing and distribution of a compact and modular solution for aseptic and aseptic-toxic filling.

GETINGE Group is a global isolator technology leader, inventor of DPTE® systems, and the largest supplier of isolator components. DARA Pharma manufactures individual machines as well as complete lines for washing, sterilizing, filling and closing vials, bottles, syringes, cartridges and IV bags, for liquids and powders in sterile conditions.

From this agreement between the companies, a new concept of aseptic filling line inside isolator named, Moduline™, was born. It is a compact, modular and standard isolator of a single design to process either vials, bottles, syringes or cartridges, for automatic filling of any liquid or powder in sterile conditions.

Moduline™ brings benefits for itself therefore cooperation agreement between GETINGE Group and DARA Pharma does not determine any exclusive cooperation. GETINGE Group and DARA Pharma are open to collaborate with any other machinery manufacturer which could be selected by the Customer when integrating Filling Lines into Isolator solutions.

Los firmantes del acuerdo, de izquierda a derecha: Joan Melé (Director Comercial de Dara Pharma), Thierry Girard (CEO de Getinge La Calhène), Roberto Calvo (Director Técnico de Dara Pharma) y David Ral (CEO de Dara Pharma).
Moduline™, compact, modular and standard isolator