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vaccine processing lines

DARA Pharma manufactures processing lines for COVID-19 vaccines

09 de November de 2020

DARA Pharma has been selected to supply production lines to process COVID-19 vaccines in Spain.

This Pharmaceutical Equipment  have to be delivered within 6 months to comply with the tough deadlines in the fight against COVID and be ready to produce the vaccines as soon as these are approved. The vaccines are now in Phase 3 of clinical trials and waiting to be accepted by the authorities.

The delivery time of the 3 complete vaccine processing lines is scheduled for December 2020. With a total production capacity of more than 150 million doses per year, these lines will allow to meet the demand of the national and international market in the required times.

DARA’s distinctive excellence, with the emphasis on modular and flexible technology, was key to win these projects, worth nearly 10 million euros.

This investment will allow Spanish pharmaceutical companies not only to partially meet the demand for COVID vaccines in Spanish, European, Japanese, Canadian and Chinese markets, for which these companies are authorized to supply the vaccines, but it will also contribute to their future agreements, thanks to the versatility of the Dara’s equipment.

The DARA Pharma management is proud that the company is actively participating in the fight against the pandemic with its pharmaceutical Equipment and acknowledges commitment and dedication of Dara’s employees.

vaccine processing lines