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Filling and closing machines for injectables.

Farmespaña Industrial 57. Filling and closing machines for injectables.

Press release
01 de January de 2014


Filling and closing machines for injectables.

The equipment we present is a filling and closing machine for automatic processing of vials and bottles in glass, plastic, or metal, for liquid, semisolid, and powder products, in sterile areas or clean rooms.

Production speed: up to 150 units per minute.

The design of the SYX-E-PP + RABS has been made for use in sterile areas, in compliance with cGMP and US-FDA regulations, and in special accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Filling from 0.1 ÷ 540 ml.

The filling station can be equipped with a maximum of 6 peristaltic pumps, valveless rotary piston pumps, or powder dosers.
In accordance with the product characteristics, there are different dosing systems:

  • Peristaltic.
  • Volumetric, with valveless rotary piston pumps.
  • Time-pressure.
  • Flow meter.
  • Vacuum assisted.
  • Auger spendle.

Using “CIP-SIP” construction elements, it is not necessary to remove the product contact parts for cleaning or sterilizing.

The pick & place station places the rubber stopper onto the vial fully or partially, depending on the application (injection or lyophilized).

The closing station is equipped with a closing head of three forming rollers. Optionally, the closing process can be done with a tangential forming roller head, characterised by the minimum generation of particles during the closing process.

All closures currently used can be easily handled, such as:

  • Rubber stoppers.
  • Aluminium caps / Pilferproof caps / Flip-off caps.

For products that require lyophilisation, the following processes can be carried out in two separate machines:

  • Filling and pre-positioning of lyophilized rubber stoppers, in a sterile room application.
  • Positioning of aluminium caps and closing of vials, in a clean room application.

The changeover to a different format is carried out quickly, easily and without tools, by exchanging complete sets of format parts.

Feeding of the closures is done automatically by vibrating feeders, made of AISI-316L stainless steel.

Optional equipment:

  • Gravimetric dosing system through scale.
  • Gas flushing before, during, or after the filling process.
  • Automatic rejection of defective vials.
  • Data recording software in order to export the production data.
  • Laminar flow unit / RABS / Isolator unit.
  • IQ / OQ Validation package.
Filling and closing machines for injectables.