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Vial Filling Machine

LifeSciencesLab 28. SX-100. Vial and Bottles Filling Machine

Press release
01 de July de 2013


Tabletop filling machine for automatic processing of vials and bottles.

The equipment we present is a filling and closing machine for automatic processing of vials and bottles in glass, plastic, or metal, for liquid, semisolid, and powder products, in sterile areas or clean rooms.

Output up to 3,000 uph.

Filling from 0.1 to 250 ml.

The design has been made for use in sterile areas, in compliance with cGMP and US-FDA regulations, and in special accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, chemical and similar industries.

The vial filling station is equipped with a peristaltic pump for liquid products, or with a volumetric filling station for viscous or powder products.

The changeover to a different format can be carried out quickly and without tools. The adaptation to different heights of containers is made through digital positioning gauge.

This equipment for automatic processing of vials and bottles is suitable for clinical trials or medium production batches.

Optional equipment:

  • Diving nozzle system.
  • Gravimetric dosing system, through scale.
  • Gas flushing before, during or after the filling process.
  • Laminar flow unit / RABS / Isolator unit.
  • IQ / OQ Validation package.
  • Printing / Codification.
Vial Filling Machine