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Closing vial Machine

Enfarma Vol 14 Nº 4. Closing compact machine for automatic processing of vials

Press release
01 de July de 2013


Closing compact machine for automatic processing of vials.

The equipment we present is a compact closing machine for automatic processing of vials and bottles in glass, plastic, or metal in sterile areas or clean rooms.

Production speed: up to 6.000 units per hour.

The design of this closing vial machine has been made for use in sterile areas, in compliance with cGMP and US-FDA regulations, and in special accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The closing station can be equipped with 1 or 2 pneumatic crimping heads or tangential crimping heads, characterized by reliable sealing and the minimum generation of particles during the closing process. 

Feeding of the closures is carried out automatically by vibrating feeders, made in AISI-316L stainless steel. 

In order to work in sterile or clean room conditions, Dara provide different solutions, like LAF or RABS.

Optional equipment:

  • Distribution table for vials at the entrance of the machine.
  • Aluminium particle vacuum extractor.
  • Particle counting system.
  • Vibrator hopper to increase autonomy. 
  • Inspection of aluminium caps through vision system.
  • Data recording software in order to export relevant production data. 
  • Vial rejection system to control any process defects. 
  • Printing / Codification. 
  • Unloading tray.
  • Laminar flow / RABS.
  • IQ / OQ Validation package.
Closing vial Machine