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Labelling of syringes

Farmespaña Industrial 53. SFL-R Lab 

Press release
01 de May de 2013

SFL-R Lab 

Machines for plunger rod insertion and labelling of syringes.

Ready-to-use disposable syringes provide security, hygiene and dosing accuracy for medical injections. 

The machines we present, combine plunger rod insertion and auto-adhesive labelling for glass or plastic syringes.

Output up to 150 upm.

The pharmacutical equipment is designed to be used in clean room applications, in compliance with the cGMP and US-FDA regulations, and in special accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The machine is equipped with a reliable, fast and robust Herma 400 labelling head, which offers unique design and easy handling. The changeover to a different format can be carried out quickly and easily. 

The labelling head of syringes includes a variable-speed servomotor which adapts to all production needs. 

Main features of the labelling head: 

  • Control panel integrated into the label applicator, with clearly laid out operating display. 
  • Automatic synchronization of syringe labelling depending on production speed.  
  • Detection sensor for transparent and opaque labels.
  • 300mm diameter label holder (up to 600mm if motorized as option).
  • Connection to a PLC.

Optional equipment:

  • Turning torque control during the positioning of plunger rods. 
  • Thermo transfer or inkjet printer.
  • Barcode control.
  • Artificial vision control.
  • Data recording software to export the production data.
  • IQ / OQ validation
Labelling of syringes