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Machines for plunger rod insertion

Enfarma Especial Manufactura 2013. SFL-R Lab

Press release
01 de March de 2013

SFL-R Lab 

Machines for plunger rod insertion and labelling of syringes.

Ready-to-use disposable syringes provide security, hygiene and dosing accuracy for medical injections. 

The machines we present, combine plunger rod insertion and auto-adhesive labelling for glass or plastic syringes.

Output up to 150 upm.

The equipment is designed to be used in clean room applications, in compliance with the cGMP and US-FDA regulations, and in special accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The machine is equipped with a reliable, fast and robust Herma 400 labelling head, which offers unique design and easy handling. The changeover to a different format can be carried out quickly and easily. 

The labelling head includes a variable-speed servomotor which adapts to all production needs. 

Main features of the labelling head: 

  • Control panel integrated into the label applicator, with clearly laid out operating display. 
  • Automatic synchronization of syringe labelling depending on production speed.  
  • Detection sensor for transparent and opaque labels.
  • 300mm diameter label holder (up to 600mm if motorized as option).
  • Connection to a PLC.

Optional equipment:

  • Turning torque control during the positioning of plunger rods. 
  • Thermo transfer or inkjet printer.
  • Barcode control.
  • Artificial vision control.
  • Data recording software to export the production data.
  • IQ / OQ validation
Machines for plunger rod insertion