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Vial Closing machines

Enfarma Vol 14 Nº 2. High speed vial closing machines.

Press release
01 de February de 2013


High speed vial closing machines.

The machine we present is a continuous motion high speed Closing Monoblock to crimp aluminium caps on glass, plastic or metal cylindrical vials.

For productions up to 600 units per minute.

Their design has been made in compliance with the cGMP and US-FDA regulations, in special compliance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The closing station is equipped either with 8 or 16 tangential crimping heads which work continuously and ensure reliable crimping and minimal particles generation during the closing system.

The changeover to a different format is carried out quickly, easily and without tools, by exchanging complete sets of format parts.
Feeding of closures is done automatically by vibrating feeders, made of AISI-316L stainless steel.

Optional equipment:

  • Vial infeed table.
  • Inspection through artificial vision.
  • Data recording software to export relevant production data. 
  • Aluminium closures printing / codification. 
  • Outfeed through double tray.
  • Laminar flow unit / RABS.
  • • IQ / OQ Validation package.
Vial Closing machines