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Dara Pharma and Stäubli, a successful combination

Dara Pharma and Stäubli, a successful combination

Press release
24 de August de 2022

In a report published on their website, our innovative robotic technology partner Stäubli explained how in Dara we use their robots robots for optimal automation of our complete lines

Stäubli is a global solution provider with four dedicated divisions: Electrical Connectors, Fluid Connectors, Robotics, and Textile. The robotics company serves customers seeking to increase their productivity in numerous industrial fields, offering complete solutions and long-term support. 

In its article, Stäubli highlights our company’s use of its six-axis robots in the freeze-drying stations of our complete lines. In this process, Stäubli robots increase the performance and productivity of our lines, while ensuring compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and sterility required in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or biotechnological industry. 

Combining Stäubli technology with our know-how, Dara developed a robotic nesting and loading/unloading station for trays carrying "ready to use,” pre-sterilized vials. The tray handling process must be carried out under aseptic or sterile conditions. The Stäubli TX2-60 robot, in the Stericlean version, is the model that best meets these requirements, as it can transport one tray after another. It  loads them onto the plates of the freeze dryer, optimally positioning the trays, thanks to Schott's special nests. Once the vials have been freeze-dried, the robot will remove and unload the trays, and transport them to the line for the next process.

Operating in this way, the freeze-drying station with the Stäubli TX2-60 Stericlean robot makes it possible to process up to 11,400 vials per hour with highest precision, under hygienic or aseptic conditions, and without human intervention in the process. This robot is, therefore, the best choice for our engineers in the development of our solutions that allow us to automate and improve the productivity of complete lines.  

You can visit the article published in the following link:

Dara Pharma and Stäubli, a successful combination