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Press note published in Pharma Industrial India (October-November) in which Dara Pharma’s complete line is featured in the cover

DARA Pharma presents an “all-in-one” multiformat line to produce vaccines

Press release
30 de November de 2022

Press note published in Pharma Industrial India (October-November) in which Dara Pharma’s complete line is featured in the cover and in pages 15-16 with the following article: 

Following our vocation for innovation and quality, Dara Pharma is proud to present a new all in one multiformat line for vaccine production in RTU & Bulk. Dara Pharma has developed this Combi line for washing, sterilizing, filling, freeze-drying, and closing vials in bulk; and for denesting, filling, and closing RTU syringes and cartridges, with quick and easy format changeovers, to make the vaccine packaging process more cost-effective for the customer. 

Dara Pharma has integrated into this "all-in-one" solution its state-of-the-art filling machines that have revolutionized the aseptic packaging machinery sector thanks to their versatility and flexibility to process liquid, semi-solid, and powder products in the same equipment. 

The line has a washing machine and a sterilization and depyrogenation tunnel for bulk supply. Our washing machine offers maximum efficiency and high flexibility to process any format, while the sterilization & depyrogenation tunnel provides the highest flexibility and adaptability, lowest consumptions, and easy maintenance thanks to our modular design.

For the RTU processing (Ready-to-use), the line counts on automatic debagging, delidding, and denesting modules for supply the nests and trays. 

Dara Pharma India

This solution offers different production speeds thanks to Dara Pharma’s VSC multiformat filling and closing machine, with a maximum output of up to 24,000 uph, a dosage range of 0.1 to 100 ml, and 100% IPC. The line’s closing machines control and measure the parameters required in this process, such as torque, crimp pressure, closing height, and any visual control – guaranteeing that the products are closed satisfactorily. 

In addition, Dara Pharma integrates into this line Coolvacuum’s LyoCool GMP freeze dryer and the automatic loading system to connect the freeze dryer with the rest of the line’s equipment. The freeze-drying process allows for extending the shelf life of the product while maintaining its qualitative properties. For this, Dara and Coolvacuum integrate into this solution the LyoCool GMP freeze dryer, which offers from 7 to 15 m² of shelf area, and a condenser capacity of up to 250 kg. 

Dara Pharma India

For automatizing the loading and unloading of the products from the freeze dryer, Dara offers the VLS (Vial Loading System), a row-by-row system with a push-in cylinder / push-out cylinder. This system offers an output of up to 12,000 uph. 

Another advantage worth highlighting about this solution is that Dara can integrate all the processes for them to be performed under an isolator, offering the highest level of protection for the products. Other protection equipment such as LAF, oRABS, or cRABS can be as well integrated into the line at the customer’s choice. 

Dara Pharma India

By designing, manufacturing, and adjusting the transfer system for the correct integration of all the machines, Dara Pharma acts as a unique supplier of the line. Furthermore, our company configures a control system for all the line’s equipment to operate under the same software and data acquisition system. SCADA software has been designed in accordance with FDA 21CFR Part 11.

That simplifies the process of installation and commissioning of the solution at the customer’s plant, while our complete maintenance plan ensures that all machines will operate optimally and efficiently in the long term.

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Dara Pharma’s total commitment to customers 

From the very beginning of the consulting phase, Dara Pharma Group's sales representatives guide customers through the best options according to their specific needs. Once the product that best suits their requirements is selected, we move on to the project management phase, where the Project Management team acts as an intermediary that comprises all the strategic areas of our company to supervise the production schedules. This leads to the installation phase, in which a team of multilingual technicians travels to the customer's plant to ensure the correct implementation and start-up of the machines. Furthermore, the customer can count on the full support service of Dara Pharma's after-sales department in the event of any incident in the machinery, offering 24/7 global coverage.

About Dara Pharma: 

Since it was founded in Barcelona in 1996, Dara Pharma has gone through a solid path towards quality, innovation, and technological excellence, contributing to improving society’s well-being and life quality by providing the pharmaceutical, biotech, and cosmetic industry with cutting-edge equipment. Thanks to our high level of innovation and development, Dara Pharma adapts and customizes any project to the customer’s specific needs. 

Dara Pharma Group designs, develops, and manufactures washing, sterilizing, filling, freeze-drying, and closing machines and complete lines for vials, bottles, syringes, cartridges, and IV Bags to process liquid, semi-solid products, and powders in sterile conditions.

Dara Pharma Group’s international vocation is a key element of our company. 97% of our production is aimed at exportation. Our sales, project management, and after-sales teams work at the international level, with a presence in more than 80 countries.

Press note published in Pharma Industrial India (October-November) in which Dara Pharma’s complete line is featured in the cover