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Dara Pharma and ARaymondlife in Madrid

Dara Pharma y ARaymondlife presentan una nueva solución para el llenado aséptico.

Press release
23 de October de 2018

RayDyLyo® a breakthrough innovation with multiples benefits


RayDyLyo® is an all-plastic capping solution designed to work with all ISO stoppers configurations (serum and lyo). Customers select and validate the stoppers which are assembled automatically by ARaymondlife. Pre-assembly of the stopper in the RayDyLyo® cap upstream simplifies the vial capping process to one-step in the isolator and eliminates the constraints associated with the crimping of aluminum caps.


A new filling line adapted to work with the RayDyLyo® cap is being presented at CPhI Madrid

In 2017, the Spanish company Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging worked closely with ARaymondlife to adapt its SX-310 filling line to work with RayDyLyo® closures. Equipped with a single vibratory bowl, the SX-310-RDL line has a reduced footprint compare to conventional lines, whilst maintaining quality standards.

Convinced by this first success, DARA and ARaymondlife decided to modify a new line for processing RayDyLyo® plastic push fit caps.

The NFL line is a line dedicated to the filling and capping of ready to use (RTU) nested vials, cartridges and syringes. This very compact machine requires no washing unit, no sterilization tunnel and no crimping station.

Dara Pharma NFL Machine


"A year ago, we worked with Dara to modify the SX-310 line for processing RayDyLyo® caps. Today, we are pleased to have achieved this same goal with the NFL line, so proving the ease of implementation of our RayDyLyo® solution for pharmaceutical companies «says Pascal Sircoulomb, Business Development Director d’ARaymondlife.

With a filling and closing capacity of 6000 vials per hour, the NFL line offers a leading technical and economic solution for pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies looking for the flexibility to manufacture from small batches up to industrial series.

“Modifying our equipment to work with RayDyLyo® plastic caps was quick and easy, thanks to the close collaboration with ARaymondlife” says Joan Mele, Commercial Director at Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging. "Today we are able to offer a compact and multi format machine that makes it possible to close vials in one step, without de-nesting, in an aseptic area thanks to RayDyLyo.®

"ARaymond is a large quality orientated company that is always looking for long-term results, which is very important for making the investments needed to achieve our goals. We share a common philosophy with them in terms of innovation and added value, "said David Ral, General Manager of Dara.

The goal of DARA and ARaymondlife is to set up around 20 NFL filling lines over the next 3 years. Two machines are already functional and available immediately.

"We are confident that facilitating the implementation of RayDyLyo® on existing machines in the market, coupled with its many other economic and quality advantages will make our plastic capping solution, the new standard for vial capping" concludes Nicolas Thivant, President of ARaymondlife.

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Dara Pharma and ARaymondlife in Madrid