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Dara Pharma in GMP news

Dara Pharma: Modern Pharmaceutical Equipment from Spain

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18 de Noviembre de 2018

One of the key factors that ensure that the manufacturers of drugs comply with GMP standards, is the implementation of modern technological equipment in their production plants which will be subsequently operated in accordance to these standards. Dara Pharma is a well-known Spanish company in the Russian pharmaceutical market, but what is so special about it? Let’s find it out by asking Mr. David Ral, General Director of Dara Pharma.

Please tell us about your range of equipment? What pharmaceutical industries can it be used for? What are the main production areas you have supplied in the Russian market?

DARA is a manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical machinery. Our range of products includes washing machines, depyrogenating units, aseptic filling and capping machines aimed at Pharma, Biotech, Re-Agents and Cosmetic sectors. As for the Russian market, DARA is firmly implemented into mid and large pharma companies, both from private and public sectors. For example, there are several high-speed lines installed in Moscow Endocrine Plant.

How many competitors do you have in the pharmaceutical equipment market in Russia?

DARA doesn’t have many direct competitors since there are only 3 German companies able to supply machinery at DARA’s high quality standards. Other alternative suppliers of similar products are originally from Italy or China, but the quality of such products is hardly comparable.

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How do you manage to find customers? And what is the level of your customers in terms of the implementation of complex projects?

Apart from a wide net of representatives who take care of DARA’s promotion worldwide, we are very proactive in marketing actions, having presented our machines at 15 trade shows this year. Nearly 80% of our clients are companies that demand high technological solutions for their complex and sometimes challenging needs.

Please tell us about modular designs. What are the advantages of such solutions? Are they cost effective?

All our machines are characterized by their modularity. Our modular approach means that no two machines are identical. Each module is independent from the others, due, for example, to the built-in servo technology, so our customers can combine the modules as desired in order to achieve the final unique configuration to suit their needs. Therefore, the main advantage for our customers is that they get from DARA a tailor-made equipment, matching their real needs, at a price and under delivery terms that other manufacturers could only offer a standard and rigid solution.

That’s why DARA’s differential modularity is key to satisfy customer needs in a short time and at a highly competitive pricing.

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How difficult is the Russian market for you?

In general, the Russian market is not difficult, but the TOP quality segment represents only 5% of the market, since small pharma companies tend to be more price sensitive and oriented to the Chinese manufacturers.

Are the specialists of the Russian companies sufficiently trained to properly operate modern equipment? How do you conduct training and staff development?

Sometimes, customer’s technicians are not duly trained to operate our technology, but our After Sales team is always at full disposal for an immediate remote connection and even providing support in Russian. Several people at DARA are Russian so direct communication with the customers is easier. Moreover, DARA has a local Team ready to visit customers to better support them when required.

What technological equipment, in your opinion, is the most in demand on the pharmaceutical market? What solutions do you offer and why should the companies buy from Dara?

Pharma industry requires validated and reliable equipment that complies with strict international regulations. Flexibility, low maintenance and easy operation are also important characteristics that the manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment should possess, and DARA matches all of them seamlessly.

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