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Project management

Direct and unique project manager

The design and manufacture of a machine or a production line is a complex process. The efficiency of this process is determined by countless factors and details. To control all of these factors is key to the successful completion of a project. Only by having a global vision and considering the needs of each project and each client, an optimal result can be achieved.

Project Manager aseptic vial filling equipment

A comprehensible and simple process
for our clients

The objective of project management at Dara Pharma is to make this process simple and comprehensible for our clients. That is why we take care of and anticipate any possible incident, providing solutions and avoiding problems or delays.

At Dara Pharma, any project is managed by a unique project manager, starting from the conceptual design phase and up to validation procedures at our facilities and eventual commissioning.

The project manager is your personal, direct, and unique intermediator.

Answers all your questions

Manages all your inquiries

Follows your project in detail during the manufacturing process

Keeps the client informed about the status of the project

Stand-alone equipment and complete lines

Linea 2 Serum V1 aseptic vial filling equipment