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Quality policy

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Dara Pharma, UNE-EN-ISO9001:2015 certified, maintains a rigorous quality management system that integrates continual improvement processes to achieve the highest quality and safety standards, aimed mainly at the pharmaceutical sector. Our equipment is designed in compliance with FDA, GMP and GAMP5, and can be operated in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

gmp pharmaceutical
gmp pharmaceutical

Dara Pharma's quality policy, based on the professionalism and knowledge of its staff, the continual improvement of its processes, and the pursuit of excellence and teamwork, ensures safe, technologically advanced, and precise manufacturing.

Dara Pharma complies with the most demanding
quality and safety standards.

Quality policy

Dara Pharma's quality policy establishes that our strategic aim is to satisfy the needs of our clients by implementing the following principles:

  • 1. Motivate and train our staff to promote their professional attitude, essential to provide good service.
  • 2. Provide flexible and custom design, adaptable to the needs of our clients, within constantly evolving market conditions, ensuring compliance with applicable legislation.
  • 3. Create processing solutions based on innovative technology, continual improvement and quality management.
  • 4. Quality, based on the professionalism of the Dara Team where effort, perseverance, self-demand, capacity for development / adaptation, innovation and vocation for service, are the axes of our relationship with our clients, to get your maximum satisfaction.
  • 5. Dara Pharma's equipment is designed in accordance with the pharmaceutical quality regulations (GMP's), integrating validation services that cover from the design to commissioning.
  • 6. Our highly experienced sales and technical team, being part of the continual improvement process leading to excellence, will offer solutions adapted to customer's needs.
Andreu Antonell Dara Pharma

Faithful to these principles, Dara Pharma's Quality Management system includes a set of mandatory regulations. The quality objectives are approved annually.




Andreu Antonell, General Manager

Quality policy (PDF)