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Kinetix 2000 - Discontinued lifecycle

Kinetix 2000

Discontinued lifecycle

On the 31st December 2022, Rockwell informed about the end of the lifecycle for all material regarding series Kinetix 2000. Therefore, replacement parts will no longer be available under request.

Kinetix 2000

Series affected by material discontinuity: 2093-XXX

  • 2093-AC05-MP1: Kinetix 2000 3kW Integrated Axis Module - 0.3 kW
  • 2093-AC05-MP2: Kinetix 2000 3kW Integrated Axis Module - 0.6 kW
  • 2093-AC05-MP5: Kinetix 2000 3kW Integrated Axis Module - 0.9 kW
  • 2093-AM01: Kinetix 2000 1.9 kW Axis Module (Double Wide)
  • 2093-AM02: Kinetix 2000 3.0 kW Axis Module (Double Wide)
  • 2093-AMP1: Kinetix 2000 0.3 kW Axis Module
  • 2093-AMP2: Kinetix 2000 0.6 kW Axis Module
  • 2093-AMP5: Kinetix 2000 0.9 kW Axis Module
  • 2093-ASP06: Kinetix 2000 Shunt Module (Power Rail Mountable)
  • 2093-PRF: Kinetix 2000 Power Rail Filler
  • 2093-PRS1: Kinetix 2000 Power Rail, One Axis
  • 2093-PRS2: Kinetix 2000 Power Rail, Two Axis
  • 2093-PRS3: Kinetix 2000 Power Rail, Three Axis
  • 2093-PRS4: Kinetix 2000 Power Rail, Four Axis
  • 2093-PRS5: Kinetix 2000 Power Rail, Five Axis
  • 2093-PRS7: Kinetix 2000 Power Rail, Seven Axis
  • 2093-PRS8S: Kinetix 2000 Power Rail, Eight Axis

Even though the technology used for the communications protocol within these drivers (Optic Fiber SERCOS Technology) is still valid and useful, there are no components in the market that may be controlled with this communication protocol anymore.

Dara Pharma seeking to fulfill our compromise with our customers, trying to bring all of them the necessary upgrades, have been working during some time with this scenario, where we can present a technology advancement to last generation (2023), compatible in the greatest way with the current one installed in our equipment. This will reduce significantly both timewise and economically, the impact to migrate to these new components.

Therefore, we present to you the generation component upgrade needed (Hardware and Software) for any DARA Pharma machine with this technology.

This upgrade consists on:

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