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Rotary machines for individual processing of syringes

Compact machine / Filling of syringes from 0.1 ÷ 120 ml / Output up to 6,000 uph

Model SFL-Vet/S SFL-Vet/D
Output max. 3,600 uph 6,000 uph
Container sizes Ø 6.85 ÷ 36 mm

Optional equipment

  • Tip filled for preassembled syringes.

  • Vacuum-assisted plunger placement.

  • IPC for dose control by weight.

  • Gassed before, during or after the filling process.

  • CIP / SIP cleaning and sterilization system.

  • Ejection of syringes with process defects.

  • SCADA software for the acquisition of all relevant production data according to FDA 21CFR part 11.

  • Monitoring and counting of particles.

  • Laminar flow / RABS.

  • IQ / OQ validation.

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