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Pilot freeze dryers

Ready for scale up / Accuracy and control, fully tailor-made / Ice condenser capacity up to 30 kg / Output for 2R up to 4,440 vials

  • pilot freeze dryers
  • pilot freeze dryers
  • pilot freeze dryers
  • pilot freeze dryers
  • pilot freeze dryers
  • pilot freeze dryers
Model LyoLab
Shelf area 0.5 m² 1 m²
Shelf dimensions 380 x 450 mm
Nº of shelves 3 + 1 6 + 1
Shelves clearance 90 mm 65 mm
Chamber material Stainless steel AISI 316L
Condenser capacity 30 kg
Vacuum pump output 20 m³/h
Condenser temperature -85 ºC
Shelves temperature range de -60 ºC a +80 ºC
Heating power supply 1,000 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,300 x 850 x 2,000 mm
Weight 700 kg 1,000 kg

Optional equipment

  • Chamber / condenser isolation valve.
  • Vials stoppering.
  • Manifolds for bottles.
  • Paneled front for clean rooms.
  • SCADA software to process production data acquisition in accordance with FDA 21CFR part 11.
  • Organic solvent condenser.
  • Wireless temperature probes.
  • Vial sampling device.
  • Capacitive pressure sensor.
  • Comparative pressure reading.
  • Ethernet connectivity (remote connection).
  • Coolvacuum Trend software for cycle / batch data logging.

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