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Dara Pharma with NJM Packaging in Chicago

Dara Pharma and NJM Packaging at PackExpo Chicago

18 de October de 2018

Dara Pharma was present together with NJM Packaging (our representative on US and Canadian markets) in Chicago, during Pack Expo (October 14 - 17).

Pack Expo is one of the leading trade shows for packaging machinery, which focuses on innovation and cutting-edge packaging trends, and brings together leading industry professionals offering the best packaging solutions.

On this occasion, Dara Pharma presented a high-speed line for filling and closing vials, model HSL-PP/4. Running up to 200 vials per minute, this system offers 100 percent in-process quality control, CIP/SIP dosing system or vacuum-assisted positioning of stoppers.

“The HSL-PP/4 is part of Dara’s fastest vial-filling family and offers the best technology available today,” said Thomas Kessler, Regional Sales Manager at NJM. “This top-of-the-line equipment is ideal for pharma and biopharma manufacturers, especially those looking to maximize throughput on high-capacity, high-changeover lines.”

Pack Expo is held alternately in different cities of the US. The next edition will take place in Las Vegas, September 23 - 25, 2019.

Dara Pharma with NJM Packaging in Chicago