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Enfarma Vol 15 Nº 2

Enfarma Vol 15 Nº 2

Press release
01 de March de 2014

SX-60 Syringe

Tabletop machine for automatic closing of syringes.

Ready-to-use disposable syringes provide security, hygiene, and dosing accuracy for medical injections.

The equipment we present is a compact closing machine for ready-to-use disposable syringes. The infeed and positioning of plungers is carried out manually. The automatic insertion of plungers prevents any deformation or compression; this allows any type of plunger.

Insertion depth of plungers is easily regulated by increasing or reducing the vacuum inside the syringes.

The design has been made for use in sterile areas, in compliance with cGMP and US FDA regulations, and in special accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 

This equipment is suitable for clinical trials or medium production batches.

Enfarma Vol 15 Nº 2