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PDA Japan Chapter

Dara to take part in PDA Japan Chapter 2022

08 de September de 2022

Dara Pharma will take part in the Pre-filled Syringe Seminar on September 14, from 2-2:30 pm (Japanese time), which will take place in Tokyo within the frame of PDA Japan Chapter 2022.

In this event, our company will present, through videos and interactive animations, two complete lines for powder dosage in double-chamber syringes / cartridges. The first line fills a double-chamber cartridge with a liquid product and then freeze dries it, while the second one processes the syringes featuring powder dosing.

Powder dosing has plenty of advantages on product shelve life, but when this powder is freeze-dried, its properties, potency, reconstitution time and shelve life, are even more extended.

Pre-filled syringe products have been actively developed in recent years. These combination products are becoming increasingly popular globally, including in the Asia-Pacific region, as products that are driving the current progress deeps in medical care. 

This year's seminar aims to contribute to the advancement of healthcare through discussions with experts in various fields who will present their findings in order to make combination products safer, more effective, and more convenient. 

PDA Japan Chapter