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Dara Pharma and Telstar join efforts for a vaccine production project

Dara Pharma and Telstar join efforts for an Indonesian vaccine production project

14 de March de 2017

It is a vaccine production project for tuberculosis

The close collaboration between Dara Pharma and Telstar, two of the companies with the greatest projection in the market of technology and equipment for the pharmaceutical sector, has allowed to launch a project of special relevance to produce vaccines BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) in Indonesia. These types of vaccines are used mainly for the treatment of tuberculosis and for some kinds of cancer.

The scope of the project includes the design and manufacture of a complex integrated multi-technology “state of the art” equipment. It is a new automatic filling system integrated with processes of sterilization, containment and freeze-drying of product that is characterized by being more compact than usual -by which gives more space for the automatic loading system- and it is designed to be accessible only by one side. It also incorporates CIP / SIP technology into the volumetric dosing system. Vaccines are manufactured in sterile environments with minimal human intervention to prevent possible contamination, which implies solutions such as RABS technology or isolators.

One of the main challenges that Dara and Telstar have successfully overcome in this project has been to locate a totally automated solution confined in an isolator in a limited space. This is a technical challenge attainable to few suppliers due to the high degree of innovation and flexibility required. On Dara Pharma’s side, the model based on the modularity of assemblies allows a greater adaptability than the traditional filling lines and, regarding Telstar, its capacity of continuous innovation in automated vial loading systems offers a range of possibilities that helps the adaptation to the demands of the costumer.

The proximity of both companies and their extensive experience in high complexity projects of have made possible a project that will improve health care in one of the most populated countries in the world. The established cooperation model has resulted in new joint projects and close international collaboration to provide tailor-made solutions in high-level sterile environments.

Dara Pharma and Telstar join efforts for a vaccine production project